You Know More Than You Think You Do

A recent graduate of the Start Up VA Workshop learnt a valuable lesson while I was on holidays recently. She is a lovely, competent person who is full of wonderful questions around starting up her VA business.

However she had become quite overwhelmed at all the things she needs to learn to get her biz up and running because let’s face it, while the skills and abilities are there, there is still a lot to learn regarding running a business, marketing etc.

Also, from what I understand, she’d had her confidence shot a bit by a lady she’d met who told her that her business wuldn’t work because there wouldn’t be a need for what she did. (which of course is completely untrue!)

Virtual Assistant AustraliaI had a chat with this SUVA Grad before I went away for two weeks with the family – where I had VERY limited internet and no emails at all! I told this lady to PM me on Facebook if she had anything I could help with while I was away – and so she did (which was awesome). She had so many questions and her enthusiasm was exciting to watch.  She was also fielding enquiries from potential clients which was also very exciting.

HOWEVER – here is where the lesson part kicks in – due to where I was, I didn’t always get to her messages until a while after she’d sent them.


More often than not, by the time I read the messages and got back to her, SHE HAD FOUND THE ANSWERS HERSELF! How cool is that? What a clever cookie!

So the lesson here is – with some gentle coaching and guidance, you probably know how to find out the answers to questions that are arising! You know more than you think you do – and you know how to find out those answers yourself!  That is so much more rewarding for you than if you were handed the answers!

Sometimes a bit of a brainstorming session or a strategy session can help, but you know what? You’ve got this! I believe in you.