Why You NEED a Virtual Assistant on your Team

Why should you have a Virtual Assistant on your team?

The real question that should be asked is why wouldn’t you?

Nobody anywhere ever, has made it big or super successful alone. Period. Full Stop. That’s really what it boils down to.

I need a virtual assistant

Think about Olympic athletes. They’ve got teams of people behind them. You think Usain Bolt just rocks up to the Olympics and starts running down the track and wins gold? Nope!

What about tennis player Roger Federer? He’s one man, but he’s got a massive team of people behind him. He’s got a coach, he’s got a manager, he’s got a physio, he’s got a doctor, he’s got Publicists, he’s got an assistant managing his emails and appointments… the list goes on. And he’s successful because of it.

Oscar Winning movie stars are another example! They have voice coaches, directors, publicists and “people” behind the scenes supporting them.

Same goes for those successful business owners everyone has heard of! People like motivational speaker Tony Robbins. I can assure you he has a hidden team behind him of assistants and support staff.

If you want to be successful in business, it’s vital to get assistance.  You quite simply can’t do it all yourself.


How do you get that help you need when you haven’t got the finances (or don’t see the need) to get an office and furniture and insurance and WorkCover and software AND pay a wage, super and holidays?

Simple – hire a Virtual Assistant. You can hire someone for as little as an hour a week. You don’t have all those overheads. You can even start off by using their services for one-off jobs like marketing or brochure creation.

Find your perfect Virtual Assistant here at the AVACOE. We have a wonderful network of VAs who are are ready and excited to join your team and help your business become the next big success story!

Chris is highly professional and efficient in finding the right virtual assistance/s for our business. I have found the process to be very easy from my end. I deal  directly with Chris and within days I have a response with results, to date I have come in contact with  highly professional and reliable workers recommended by Chris. If you are seeking reliable virtual assistants, make contact with  Chris Crowe at the AVACOE today.

Take some time to work out what you need your potential Virtual Assistant to do. Then simply CLICK HERE to fill in the form at the bottom of that page. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a list of potential VAs for you to have a chat to and find the perfect fit for you and your business!

If you are wondering if you need a Virtual Assistant, but not sure how to go about it, or what questions to ask, book a 15 minute discovery chat with Chris today at admin@avacoe.com.au to nut out what it is that you really need from a Virtual Assistant and whether having a VA is the right move for your business.

Oh and the best bit? It doesn’t cost you a cent to find a Virtual Assistant here at the AVACOE. That’s right it’s a free service. What the VA charges you is between you and them. The AVACOE is an introductory service for you… Yep. A free one.

Catch ya!

Chris x