Tyre Kickers and What to Do


This tip is brought to you courtesy of a tire-kicker I have encountered recently!

I’ve had a client referred to me a couple of weeks ago who has turned out to be the biggest tyre kicker – ergh so annoying.

We’ve had a number of meetings – two in person and about 6 on the phone where he’s talked to me about his business and his partnerships and what he wants done and how much he needs my help! I’m actually excited about working with him as the business sounds interesting and the work is something I will enjoy.

BUT he has not actually given me any tasks to do as yet! Grrr. As I said, I’ve had about 6 phone calls and two meetings where he has told me what he wants done, but no info to get the job started! It’s a super simple task of making a few phone calls for him. It’s not high paying and it’s really starting to not be worth my while to even talk with him.

So I was complaining to a friend about how to deal with tyre kickers like him who are wasting my time and she reminded me of a great tip.

AVACOE | Chris Crowe

Create a sense of urgency. Tell him I need the info within 48 hours as I am setting aside time to do the job and if I don’t get the info required, I will have to give the spot to someone else.


It can be hard to spot a tyre kicker, but eventually you’ll work it out when all they do is kick the tyre, tell you how awesome the car is, but won’t even take it for a test drive, let alone put their hand in their pocket to buy the thing!

Until next time, hugs. xx