Too sick to work?

Hello and a happy Monday to you!

Running your own business is so rewarding – I love it. People say it all the time and I am no exception. I love the flexibility, I love my clients and I even love the challenges!

The biggest downfall to running your own business though is this – what happens if you get sick?

This happened to me last week. I had a bit of a headache and went to have a nap last Friday week ago. Next thing I knew it was Saturday night and I was in a world of agony with a worse headache, stomach cramps, a fever, the chills and I just felt really, really shit. My daughter took me to hospital and I was eventually diagnosed with Pneumonia.

Now luckily for me, we live in a country where we have awesome health care and as I got some medication into me I am slowly getting better. Today, I even worked a bit.

VA Sick at work

But I had to take a whole week off work! Luckily for me, the work I do for my clients is not time-sensitive and they were very understanding of my need to get well. They are only human themselves after all and they know that sometimes people just get sick. They also know that I am not one to slack off for no reason.

I also have a number of VA friends in my network who I could have called on to help me out if anything had have cropped up that did need my attention. I would have been happy to just pay them the client rate, or else a sub-contractor rate depending on what the work was, but in this case it wasn’t required.

In other words, I had an emergency contingency plan which I could enact if and when required.

I’m curious about the rest of you though? What would YOU do if you got sick enough that you were unable to work at all?

Do you have a plan in place? Do you have someone you trust enough to help you out in an emergency?

Might be worth thinking about.

Till next time,

Chris xx