Start Up Virtual Assistant Online Workshop




What Do You Get?

This 8 Unit self paced Start Up VA Workshop is designed to teach you the basics of running your own VA Business.  Once completed, you will be awarded the Start Up Virtual Assistant Certificate as recognition of your completion of the workshop.

As soon as you sign up, you will have complete access to the whole workshop from start to finish and can do the whole thing right away, or take your time and meander through all the units in your own time.

The workshop is delivered in a series of videos, with very comprehensive Learning Guides to download and print out for every unit.  We strongly encourage you to print the workbooks out so that you can make notes and have it on hand to refer back to.  You will have lifetime access to the videos and workbooks.

There is a bonus video at the end of the workshop that will give you lots of freebies including a free coaching session with me, ebooks and printable motivational quotes for the wall of your office!


What Will You Learn?

Outline of Start Up VA Certificate Course

  • Unit 1 – What Is a VA and Setting Up a Virtual Business
    At the end of this unit, participants will have a plan and a timeline of how to get your business started
  • Unit 2 – Let Technology Be Your Friend
    By the end of this unit, participants will have a greater understanding of the different technologies available to you to manage you work in a virtual environment.
  • Unit 3 – Pricing – How Much Do I Charge?
    This is one of the biggest questions asked by new Virtual Assistants and an important thing to learn.
  • Unit 4 – Niche vs Target Market What’s the Difference?
    By the end of this unit, participants will have an idea of what a niche is, why it is important and where your business is headed.
  • Unit 5 – Making Marketing Work
    At the end of this unit, participants will have an understanding of what marketing means, why it’s Important and how to go about creating a viable marketing plan.
  • Unit 6 – What is Publicity and How Do I Do It?
    This unit will talk about how to get FREE advertising for your business in the form of publicity.
  • Unit 7 – Finding Clients
    By the end of this unit, you will have a solid understanding of who your clients are, where they hang out and how to find them!
  • Unit 8 – Where To From Here
    This unit shows participants what support options are available to you as you begin your journey as a VA.

What People Are Saying About the Workshop

“Thanks Chris.  I really am glad that I made the decision to do the course – onwards!!”

“Great to walk away with a well-prepared folder of wisdom.”