Why It’s Okay To Buy New Shoes

I’m at the shops having a coffee. I’ve just bought a pair of shoes because I have four 50ths and a wedding to attend in the next two months. I also accidentally started my Christmas shopping when I saw the perfect gift for my cousin!

It’s 11.30am on a Thursday – a working day!

I became a VA to have a flexible lifestyle and I so often forget that. For the last few weeks I’ve had days where I’ve worked till after 6pm (or later).

Don’t get me wrong, I chose to work those hours. My clients don’t expect that of me but I had things I wanted to finish both for them and for my own business.

As a freelancer it’s easy to forget why we want to work for ourselves. It’s easy to lose sight of the flexibility we crave when we have clients that we want to serve well.

It can be tough to remember that it’s okay to sneak out of the office for an hour or two if your workload allows – or even if it doesn’t. You can choose to get that work done in the evenings when there’s nothing but sports on in the house (well my house anyway).

Don’t forget to enjoy the freelancer lifestyle! Sure – work hard and give your best to your clients. But give your best to yourself too!

After all – that’s what working for yourself is all about.