It’s OK To Run Your Business Like a Circus – As Long As You’re The Ring Master


How do you run your business?

  • Are you the Acrobat – tying yourself in knots and bending over backwards to impress those watching?
  • Are you the clown – bright and colourful but only making everying laugh because you look a bit clumsy?
  • Or more like the juggler – trying to keep everything in the air at once?
  • Perhaps the Lion Tamer – keeping the lions (creditors) at bay and feeding them tidbits to keep them happy?
  • Or are you the Ring Master – making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is doing what they should and getting the job done?

Let’s look at each performer in a bit more detail and work out how to make your business performance run like a dream.

The Acrobat  More often than not, clients aren’t going to be impressed by you tying yourself in knots if it means that they’re not getting good service from you.  Why not outsource some of your stuff so that you can concentrate on more of your clients stuff? Get your VA to help with a project, or make some appointments, or help with your inbox so that you don’t have so many hoops to jump through and you won’t break your back trying to please everyone and keep the wheels of your business turning.

The Clown  Stop clowning around and get real!  If you don’t look professional, how are your clients or potential clients going to take you seriously?  Contact the AVACOE to find your perfect VA to help you with professional looking documents and presentations.

The Juggler  If you’ve ever tried juggling, you know it’s pretty tricky! You end up dropping the balls and this is what can happen in business if you’re trying to do too many things at once!  Ask your VA to help you prioritise and ask them to take over a task so that there’s one less thing you need to worry about keeping up in the air.

The Lion Tamer Keeping the lions at bay can be a challenge for most business owners at one time or another.  If you are wasting your time on admin tasks, the money is not going to be rolling in.  Get your VA to do those tasks that aren’t making you any money so that you can concetrate on your clients and keep your cash flow going so that you can feed those hungry lions/creditors!

The Ring Master This is where you want to be in your business.  Flouncing around in a bright red jacket wearing a Top Hat while all around you there is movement and colour and activity.  You can run your business with the flick of a whip and keep the audience (your clients) entertained and happy and wanting to come back and see the show again and again!

So there you have it – it really is OK to run your business like a circus – as long as you are the Ring Master and get good help!

Till Next Time