Welcome to the AVACOE’s Cooinda Coaching Circles where you don’t have to go it alone!

  • Do you need someone who understands the VA world?
  • Are you sick of trying to work out what to do next?
  • Are you suffering from “imposter syndrome”?
  • Do you know what to do next but procrastinate?
  • Do you need someone to hold you accountable?

Come and join our small intimate Cooinda Coaching Circles and surround yourself with other women who are striving to create excellent businesses.

Where you will find an environment full of encouragement, support, practical ideas and move your business forward faster.

People the world over who have reached the pinnacle of their sport or business never do it alone! They enlist the help of coaches and peers to create a ‘dream team’ of support that assists them to get where they want to be. 

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have all had mentors at different times in their lives (and still rely on the support of others).

Even successful athletes in individual sports like tennis, swimming and golf, have a team around them. 

Our Cooinda Coaching Circles will have a maximum of 5 Virtual Assistants so that the groups stay small and intimate and you can really get to know one another.

So why should you go it alone? Join a Cooinda Coaching Circle and create your own VA Dream Team to help your business become the best it can be!

We will meet once a fortnight and recommend that the minimum time to be involved is 3 months, although we’re sure you’ll want to stay for longer once you see the benefits of the circle.

What you’ll get

The Five C’s behind the Cooinda Coaching Circles are:

  • Conversation
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Challenges
  • Community

With the 5 C methodology we aim to improve your business by providing a a place to be heard, clear directions for your buiness, the confidence to take your business to the next level, timelines and challenges to help and a wonderful team to help you get to your goals. What are you waiting for?

Incidentally – Cooinda is an Australian Indigenous word meaning “Happy Place” and that is the feeling that we want for you when you are in our Circle.