How having an Aussie VA can help your business grow

I want to share a story of how two VAs recently were able to assist their completely separate clients to benefit from each other.

The VA industry in Australia is a collaborative and reasonably small industry in which many VAs communicate and share resources on a regular basis.

Aussie VAs are masters at networking!

We also share information on clients – good and bad! For example, say there is a client out there who is a non-payer and who goes from one VA to another, word very quickly gets around. Most VAs are sensible enough not to publically name and shame but if we hear of something that’s not quite right, we may have a quiet word of warning to other VAs. We protect each other and we look out for each other.

But we also collaborate and share the good stuff which luckily for everyone, is a much more pleasant and common experience!

Recently I heard of a VA was helping set up an annual conference for her client. One of the tasks she had to do was to find a guest speaker on dealing with trauma in the workplace.

Luckily for this VA, she sometimes helped another VA out with her clients’ website – and this client of her VA friend happened to deal with this exact thing!

So the VAs had a conversation and the upshot of it is that the VA had found the perfect speaker for the conference at which the delegates would learn some incredibly helpful tactics for dealing with workplace trauma – and the other VA had found some unexpected exposure – and a donation for her client into a HUGE industry who had never heard of them before.

This is just one example – I’ve also seen many a post in the VA Facebook groups where someone says “Does anyone know someone who…..” and another VA will say “I have a client who does this”.

Just another reason why you should consider using local Aussie VAs who have local Aussie clients!



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